behavioral Optometry

Welcome to the home page of Dr. Christine A. Semenza and Dr. Thomas F. Semenza. We are behavioral optometrists located in Old Lyme, Connecticut since 1996. We provide a complete range of vision care services; specializing in pediatric and adult vision examinations, developmental vision evaluations, vision therapy and contact lens services for adults and children. We can help you to reach your fullest visual potential to achieve success in school, work, and/or sports. Our goal is to provide exceptional vision care in a friendly and caring environment.

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Self-Exam for Children
Self-Exam for Adults

“Before vision therapy Ryan was having problems with frequent headaches and some dizziness as a result of a head injury on the playground. Sometimes the bright lights at school would bother his eyes. After six months of vision therapy (often twice a week) and doing daily therapy homework, things have greatly improved and he no longer complains of these issues.”


“Before vision therapy I was having problems with reading, comprehension, concentration and memory issues. I was labeled with ADHD. Vision Therapy has changed my life dramatically. I am reading better and remembering what I’ve read. I’m able to concentrate and stay focused on tasks, as well as focusing on conversations. As an adult, I’m fully convinced I would have benefited greatly as a child, had I had vision therapy.”