Seeing is Receiving

Throughout the day, as I’m bombarded with images and information, I, first, relate these revelations to “the yoga world” in some context. Secondly, I factor in my knowledge and my evolving passion for vision therapy.

Last week, I came across this quote by Doctor Douglas Brooks: “We don’t live with the way the world is, we live with the way we receive the world.” When I first read this quote, I had a visceral reaction and needed to roll out my yoga mat! I developed an entire balancing sequence to bring to my students based on his words and the idea of having a drishti or gaze point.

For each individual, this class took a tremendous amount of trust as the balancing poses became ever more challenging. To help hold us up, we explored the difference between darting the eyes at one point of focus versus relaxing the gaze and taking it all in, peripherally too, without wavering  much. We relished in the release, the moments where both feet were planted on the floor and the eyes could completely soften, or even close, and the breath could fully deepen.

As this yoga practice developed, I soon realized how my feelings were quite similar toward our office slogan, “See the world as it really is.” Dr. Christine Semenza added this quote above our logo about ten years ago. This perfectly describes what Vision Therapy can do!

Are you REALLY SEEING your daily world around you or are you missing the fine details? Do you have an imbalance in your visual system that you’ve habitually modified for over the years? Do you struggle with seemingly simple tasks that shouldn’t be so difficult? How is your balance and coordination? Are you curious about how Vision Therapy can create a more vivid reception of ALL that is around you?

If so, just like in a yoga class, we’ll ask you to trust our guidance. You may feel as though you are wavering and struggling at times…and that’s okay.  You may experience interesting sensations. You may be tired after a session. You may feel invigorated after a certain activity. AND just like on a yoga mat, the Vision Therapy exercises TAKE PRACTICE and PATIENCE.

Stay well,