Vision Therapy


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What Is Vision Therapy and what can it do for you?

Vision therapy, or in very simple terms, eye exercises, is a program of treatment designed specifically for the individual to help with their own vision problems. These problems can be difficulty with binocularity or eye teaming, accommodative or focusing problems, or eye tracking difficulties. Binocular problems may include amblyopia or lazy eye, strabismus or an eye turn.

Learning-related vision problems are also treated. A program of vision therapy can be done in office or at home depending on the needs of the individual. Vision therapy done in office is generally a fun, enjoyable program involving movement with walking rails, trampolines, and balance boards. In fact, most of our patients cannot wait to get into the vision therapy room, almost running us over as we open the door to the waiting room to have them come in!

What Can Vision Therapy Do For You?

Over several decades, behavioral optometrists have developed and used vision therapy, in combination with appropriate, judiciously selected lenses, to:

  • Prevent vision and eye problems from developing
  • Develop the visual skills needed to achieve more effectively at school, work or play
  • Enhance functioning on tasks demanding sustained visual effort
  • Remediate or compensate for vision and eye problems which have already developed

Through vision therapy, people are able to develop more efficient visual performance.